New Feature from Airbnb

Airbnb has gained popularity in the lodging and hotel industry, offering a new way to stay when traveling. There is some reluctance from consumers to adopt the platform because they are not confident in getting a consistent travel experience each time. The new feature allows travelers to post videos of what they are doing while on vacation in the app or online for others to watch.

Airbnb Stories

The new feature within the app gives people the choice to upload “stories,” similar to Instagram and Snapchat. Like other story features, Airbnb allows the user to take a 10-second video and edit it within the app. The story can then be published to the app and on the website in an effort to engage people. The company hopes to build a community of people posting their experiences in order to showcase how great the brand is.

The Need for Stories

A huge struggle for large hotel chains is to keep consistency across each location. There is comfort in knowing that when you travel, you know exactly what you’re getting. With Airbnb, there is no consistency between each place you stay at causing uncertainty among those who may be interested in trying it out. Stories help bridge the gap for consumers; they can get on the app and watch videos from users who are staying at an Airbnb. The company is trying to find ways to engage people to use the app more often instead of just when they’re on vacation.

Some companies have failed to ensure brand consistency and have suffered because of that. Airbnb is trying to avoid that from happening to them. Stories allow the app to build a social aspect around the company while informing customers about the different experiences people encounter.

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