Alexa for Hospitality

Smart devices are a growing in-home tool that millions of people use on a daily basis, and now they’re checking into hotel rooms. Marriott Hotels are the first brand to utilize Alexa for Hospitality in their hotel rooms to enhance the guest experience through voice technology. We previously explored how Alexa can benefit businesses and believe the hospitality industry is a perfect fit for this technology’s potential!

The Rise of Alexa

Amazon created an agnostic product for all users, regardless of your smartphone’s OS. This is great for hotels because it’s not limited to guests who only have Apple. They can connect without having to worry about compatibility. Smart devices will be the future of hotels because they make simplify smaller tasks, saving their guests and employees time. For example, instead of calling downstairs to set a wake up call, you can tell your Alexa device to wake you up. In addition, Alexa will also be able to turn on and off lights, change the temperature in your room, inform you of traffic patterns, and update you on flight delays.

The Future of Hotel Stay

Creating a hotel experience that is a seamless extension of your home life is the current goal for many hoteliers. The ability to sync guests’ preferences, entertainment interests, and schedule from their account to the room’s Alexa would be a sought after scenario. Making the experience personal will also improve the other hotel driven features like room service ordering, local recommendations to explore, and the check out process.


The “better than home” hotel experience is an increasingly high bar to strive towards. With Marriott already integrating this technology into their brands, we expect widespread adoption throughout the hospitality industry to follow suit.

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