Amazon Go, the cashierless convenience store, is expanding to Chicago and San Francisco. The online retailer first opened its brick and mortar store in December 2016, promising consumers a fast shopping experience without the hassle of waiting in checkout lines. Will other businesses follow suit and make the transition to cashierless stores?


Amazon going backwards

Amazon changed the online retail environment by promising customers a fast delivery system. So why go “backwards” and begin opening physical stores? The company realized that it is often more convenient to stop and pick things up instead of ordering online, but they reinvisioned the whole experience by eliminating the need for cashiers or checking out. On demand is very important to people, and we believe they are going to begin placing these stores in communities that are fast paced. The store is small enough so that customers can easily get in and out.

Best of both worlds

Amazon is offering its customers the opportunity to have it both ways; online and on demand shopping. People still like the idea of picking out their own groceries, but they don’t want to deal with the lines that come with going to a grocery store. The “just walk out technology” at Amazon Go stores is supposed to give people the convenience of ordering online with the experience of picking out their food and interacting with others at a store.


The biggest issue that we believe Amazon will face with these new stores is theft. With a cashierless experience, how do you make sure that you are monitoring your store? They already have measures in place such as scanning yourself into the store with the app, but can you really create a shopping experience without other security measures in place? The human element has to be incorporated into the whole experience.

Do you believe that Amazon will change the game once again with this new shopping experience? We are interested in seeing how this will play out and how Amazon will tackle these issues as they continue to expand across the country.


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