Amazon continues to grow small businesses by telling their story and featuring their products on the Storefront. While we see other large companies like Walmart and Ebay as competitors to our small businesses, Amazon is giving opportunities to companies who may not have had the chance to do so previously.

Amazon is comprised of millions of small businesses, connecting them to customers all over the world. Previously, this opportunity did not exist making it hard for businesses to scale and reach larger markets. The Amazon Storefront page allow small businesses who cannot afford to have their own physical store to be featured and sold online. Amazon currently offers over 1 million products and has over 20,000 U.S. businesses selling on their platform.

Consumers tend to feel an emotional connection to small businesses and the stories behind them. Amazon Storefront gives that personal experience to shopping by telling stories the stories behind popular products. This gives a voice to businesses who do not have the resources to reach new customers or expand out of their geographic location.

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