Google and Amazon have been known for being corporate adversaries. The two companies are now putting aside their differences to come together to allow YouTube and YouTube TV to stream on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Google is also going to be bringing Amazon’s Prime Video service to the Android TV platform and Google Chromecast.

The two companies are not fully connected just yet. Consumers will still be unable to see YouTube from their Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, and Amazon has not given the green light yet for products to hit Google devices.

Andrew Bennett, head of worldwide business development for Amazon’s Prime Video division said, “Customers will have even more ways to stream what they want, whenever they want, no matter where they are.”

Customers were getting irritated with not being able to watch YouTube on Amazon devices and vice versa. If consumers did decide to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick they would miss out on YouTube, which is solely a Google-owned video platform. This new collaborative effort makes it easier for consumers that currently have multiple devices to stream from any device, despite the brand or manufacturer.

It is great to see large, powerhouse companies like Amazon and Google coming together to achieve a common goal. It really makes you think about how much could change if more companies followed this same ideology.

We can expect to see this collaboration take effect within the coming months. 

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