On Wednesday, May 15th, American Express (AMEX) announced that they have set-up an agreement to acquire Resy, a reservation platform. The deal is expected to be completed Summer 2019 and is part of the company’s aim to become essential in the lives of their card members and merchants.

AMEX Senior Vice President of Global Loyalty and Benefits, Chris Cracchiolo, stated, “Resy was created to both connect people who love dining out with new, notable and hard-to-get-into restaurants across the globe, as well as help restaurants’ businesses grow and thrive. Similarly, American Express has strong relationships with premium dining partners and restaurants across the globe, and provides our card members with access to incredible dining experiences through our exclusive benefits and programs.”

Resy includes table management, CRM, and booking technologies for restaurants. This also includes a customer-facing app and website for reservations. The platform seats more than 2.6 million diners a week and works with around 4,000 restaurants in 10 different countries. This is one of many other companies AMEX has acquired in the dining, travel, and lifestyle space. In January of 2018, AMEX had acquired the application Mezi. Mezi is a personal travel assistant app. The application allows travelers to message requests for flights, hotel, and restaurant reservations. This app can also make recommendations based on customer requests.

These AMX acquisitions help them expand to new consumers in the future. This creates new opportunities for AMEX to build relationships and serve their card members simultaneously.

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