Merchant Services

If you operate within the automotive or automotive repair industries, let Fortis be the engine that processes your payments. We have a complete array of products and services that will facilitate every type of transaction.


No matter what department, all your employees need to be paid correctly and on time. Fortis payroll systems take out all the necessary taxes, allow direct deposits, and more.

Business Financing

Ready to take your auto shop or dealership to the next level? Let Fortis give you the funds so you can grow. A simple application and speedy approval with up to $500,000 to make it happen.

Point of Sale

After your customers have signed on the dotted line, you need the proper hardware to accept their payment. Let Fortis steer you towards the perfect Point of Sale system.


Process payments securely and quickly with FortisPay software. New credit cards contain special chips to prevent fraud, and thanks to our EMV certification, we help limit your liability.


A gift card is the perfect perk for any dealer or shop with the intentions to create worthwhile incentives. You can also create a loyalty program for customers who service their cars on a regular basis. Talk to us, and we’ll find a great program just for you.

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