The Future of Payment Security With Biometrics

VISA has announced their plans to begin biometric card implementation in an effort to increase security measures and move away from chip and pin transactions. Businesses fear the risk of chargebacks in an online environment. Biometrics helps alleviate that stress by adding another authentication factor when making a purchase.


Biometrics is an analysis of one’s body and measurements often used in authorization. The technology incorporates  retina and facial recognition, touch ID, and voice recognition capabilities. VISA has begun working with terminal manufacturers  to start focusing on biometrics. Implementing touch ID into the payment space is more secure than just signing or punching in a pin. In the online sphere, a company can begin to utilize facial recognition to authenticate who is purchasing a product.

Evolution of Secure Transactions

Having a secure checkout is very important for consumers. The evolution of secure transactions began with required signatures at checkout, but the issue with this was that no signature was the same every time. This is why we are seeing the phasing out of required signatures.  Now, the chip and pin transaction is more secure for both the consumer and businesses because it shifts liability to the cardholder’s bank instead of the business owner. The future of payments is the idea of biometrics, which allows business owners to reduce the risk of chargebacks and lower the possibility of fraud..

Biometrics are the next new wave of technology to make payment processing more secure. The new technology will keep customers happy because they know that their specific biometrics are approving each transaction. As a business owner, this new technology continues to reduce the  risk of chargebacks or fraud.


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