Biometrics is changing how everything works from paying for items to navigating airports. CLEAR, a technology company utilizing biometrics at airports, is working to make traveling in airports a frictionless experience. CLEAR is setting the stage for businesses to move towards frictionless experiences.

At the airport, you can go up to a CLEAR kiosk and verify your identity and get through the security line faster. All you have to do, is set up an account ahead of time and enter in your information. The kiosks help get people through the line faster, saving them time and making travel less stressful.

CLEAR is illustrating the usability of biometrics across industries. For example, people could check into hotels faster by walking up to a kiosk and utilizing biometrics to check-in and obtain the card to their room. We are already seeing this technology being utilized in other ways such as unlocking devices and banking. The technology pushes consumers to the wallet-less society where your phone acts as your wallet and your fingerprint as your ID.

People are always trying to avoid lines, and as this technology becomes more widely adopted, the applications in everyday life continue to appear. CLEAR is just another step in the direction of frictionless business experiences for consumers. As small and midsize businesses, we have to be aware of the changes coming and how that may affect how our customers preferences change with the adoption of new technology.

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