We currently live in a phone call center atmosphere, where it can sometime take hours to even get on the phone with someone to help answer your question or resolve your issue. This process is outdated and frustrating for customers who have a simple question. Chat bots are the newest technology to be utilized in the customer service realm, looking to improve the customer service experience.


Originally, when people had a question they would call in and talk to someone on the phone. Then, there was a shift to prompt dialing and routing that forced many people to turn to the internet to answer their questions. We are now beginning to see a chat support feature for many businesses to help create a friction-less experience between the customer and the business.

Chat Support

Customer typically don’t want to call in to a business. Chat eliminates the stress behind having to wait on hold for someone to pick up the phone, meaning people don’t have to put their day on hold. This also follows the trend of how people communicate today, text messaging or chat is the most common form of communication now. Young people prefer to just send a message and actually find talking on the phone uncomfortable. The real value in chat though, is the amount of time it saves customers and the business.

Chat Bots

The newest trend in customer service is the chat bot which utilizes artificial intelligence, or AI, to answer questions for people. It is predicted that by 2020, 30% of customer service issues will be solved by AI.This has brought up the question of whether this will eliminate jobs for people, but we think that by shifting from the offshore customer service reps to in-house adds jobs to the technology industry. Additionally, we see this as an opportunity for businesses to get to more people throughout the day because chat bots can begin to answer simple questions for people and escalate the more complicated ones up to a human representative to help with the problem.

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