Secure Transactions

FortisPay ensures secure, tokenized EMV transactions for your patients. This means that their information is assigned a string of randomized characters and numbers instead of storing their actual card information. After a patient utilizes a card or a recurring payment occurs, our system will automatically send a receipt to their email.

Customizable System

With pets being the main priority, give your patients the opportunity to create a custom payment plan that works for them. Recurring payments for procedures gives patients more time to pay for the important procedures their pet needs without the immediate pressure of paying all at once. Patients can also access an online portal where they can monitor their payments.

As a clinic, you can now store cards and checking accounts on file for patients, making the checkout process faster and easier for both you and your patients. Our system also creates end-of-day reports for your business, ensuring the most accurate settlements.

Other softwares don’t give your business the convenience of online payments and patient portals. FortisPay offers an online portal for clients to manage and make payments online. This is great for tracking recurring payments and viewing previous transactions.

Make coming into the vet a better experience for your patients by upgrading to our system!

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