Chargeback Superheroes Here To Help

Introducing Our Chargeback Mitigation Team

With the launch of our new Chargeback Mitigation Department, we held a contest to hear first-hand from hoteliers how chargebacks are putting pressure on their business. Our chargeback superheroes are fighting on behalf of businesses to more disputes in addition to training teams to help prevent future fraud. Our Chargeback Department doesn’t just process paperwork, they go above and beyond to:

  • Win more chargebacks with our team fighting on your behalf
  • Payment education, compliance assistance, and proactive security
  • Full Chargeback Training and deep dive into your past 6 months of chargebacks

Chargeback Nightmare Stories

We asked hoteliers to share their chargeback stories to find out how we could help. Here are some scenarios that hoteliers have been suffering from:


“Even when I have had all the paperwork from the guest card, and their signature from when they physically came to the hotel, I still struggle to fight chargebacks on my end. The guests then claim they did not receive what was advertised, even though we clearly state there are no refunds unless approved by management. It’s so frustrating when a guest makes up these complaints and we lose money on false claims.” – Ashish


“If the customer is smart, it feels like we could lose every Chargeback.” – Jiten


“I received a chargeback from a merchant company for two nights of charges from a guest who reserved a room on Expedia. He checked in normally, and then minutes later, checked out after telling the front desk about an emergency. Per policy, we charged him 1 night and refunded 1 night. After a few days, we received a chargeback for 2 nights and the merchant company gave 2 nights of hotel costs to the guest. I tried submitting all documents including this policy, and they still said it is not sufficiently enough documentation so I lost extra money too!” – Keyur


Chargeback Mitigation Team VS. Traditional Chargeback Department

Decades of working alongside thousands of hoteliers has taught us one thing, chargebacks are a nightmare for every hotel. We are on a mission to proactively fight this threat on behalf of all our business owners. Fortis is taking action to help more hoteliers like those who shared their struggles, and here’s what you can expect from our Chargeback Superheroes:

    1. We have a team whose sole purpose is to advocate on your behalf, which is an added value that other companies do not provide.
    2. With Fortis on your side, we will identify what the root cause of the dispute is and assist you with responding accordingly. In addition, we will educate your team on the ever-changing rules and regulations of the card brands.
    3. A traditional department just processes paperwork; they do not mitigate risk.
    4. Deep dive into the past 6 months of chargebacks, identifying trends amongst your disputes, and provide steps to prevent and protect chargebacks in the future.
    5. Follow up with communications on improvement and provide additional suggestions if there are new forms of chargebacks.

Have a Question For Our Chargeback Team?

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