Competing with large grocery stores is hard enough, don’t let doubts regarding personal information get in the way of retaining customers. The recent trend to chip cards (EMV) has led to increased consumer awareness in regards to secure information. FortisPay can integrate with any grocery software and create an overall better experience for your customers.

EMV Security

Creating a more secure checkout is important to any business. EMV cards are the most secure way to make a purchase. The lack of a EMV-compliant terminals puts the liability of fraudulent activity onto your business. FortisPay can integrate with any grocery software to create a more convenient way to process payments.

Essential Features

Our software is compatible with most POS systems, making the switch easier than ever. Your customers can be at ease knowing that the system also verifies their address and CVV, reducing the amount of fraud happening at check-out. FortisPay keeps your customers’ information safe and secure and reduces the amount of liability placed on your business.

Faster Checkout

We all know the pain of going into a store and it taking forever to checkout because of a slow register. An updated POS system can decrease checkout time for your customers. We suggest taking advantage of clover terminals. Clover’s all-in-one devices act as a “smart” register, and offer services such as inventory tracking and employee time clocks. Customers will come to appreciate the faster, more secure experience they have while at your store with EMV processing and an updated POS system.

Reward Your Customers  

Like many grocery stores, reward programs and gift cards are a big part of the experience. Fortis can help with that by customizing cards to fit your business and allow your business to track customer buying habits. Offering rewards cards can increase customer loyalty and generate revenue for your store. We ensure that gift cards have encryption features to avoid an sort of theft.

Security is a top priority for consumers, and being able to process EMV cards is a huge step in the right direction. FortisPay offers a variety of features that will help put your customers mind at ease and help your business run efficiently. Keep up with the changing technology and integrate with FortisPay.


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