Google has recently announced that they will be adding to their Google Drive platform. There will be new integrations with DocuSign, K2 and Nintex. More and more companies are moving towards keeping their content in the cloud. According to Google, “It’s critical that they reimagine their workflows to follow similar principles: to help people stay focused, stay informed and to keep distractions at bay.”

The integration with DocuSign will allow users to create, store, and sign documents directly in the Google Drive. There will also be the option for payments and billing after the merger is finalized.

According to, the K2 integration “Will let users train models on a workflow, and then perform actions like determining whether to automatically approve or deny loans.” This will also make it easier for users to find documents in the drive. “K2 is committed to simplifying the way in which our customers connect and manage their information, whether it resides on-premise or in the cloud,” said K2 Vice President of Global Technology Alliances, Eyal Inbar. “By integrating with Google Drive, we are able to put the next-generation of content management services in the hands of our customers so they can build and implement powerful workflows into their applications.”

The integration with Nintex will focus on HR contract management lifecycles, sales, and legal use cases. This will allow the automation while managing contracts.

Google is always looking for ways to expand the use of their Google Drive product and it looks like they are headed in the right direction for businesses.

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