Google Duplex | AI Making Your Phone Calls

Customer service is key to running a successful business, but it’s hard to constantly have someone available to answer questions or take messages. We can outsource these types of tasks, but that’s costly and also difficult to monitor. Artificial Intelligence advancements have began to make things such as online chat support easier. Google has taken it a step further with their newest personal assistant feature, Google Duplex, that seeks to make calling businesses easier than ever.

What is Google Duplex?

Google Duplex, the newest advancement in AI, seeks to enhance the customer booking experience. The technology can make appointments and take reservations all while sounding as natural as a human conversation. The technology has been developed to understand complex sentences, while also interpreting people who may be hard to understand over the phone. This makes many tasks less daunting for customers.

Duplex Improves Business

This new technology could be great for businesses that need a 24/7 call center to take reservations or help customers out with issues concerning products or services. For many smaller businesses, they utilize a third party to assist them in taking calls or handling reservations. Google Assistant can bring these tasks in-house and save the company money in the long run. Many people have brought up the point that this technology will take away jobs, but online booking and call centers have already replaced humans. The greatest benefit of Google Duplex is it sounding like a human, so your business can begin to bring back seemingly personalized customer service. 

This technology will eventually help enhance the customer experience by eliminating the middleman and bringing services in house. We encourage you to pay attention to just how big of a wave this technology will make in your industry. With Google Duplex, the possibilities are endless.

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