Google recently released its newest feature, Google Travel, where users can see previous rates for flights and hotels during their intended time of travel. This feature will change how travelers book hotels and flights as well as force hotels and airlines to keep prices down.

How it Works

Google will be able to pull historical data from previous years to show users the prices of flights and hotels around the time they are looking to travel. Google is not looking to make money on this, they are just looking to enhance the user experience and suggest better travel options when searching on their site.


This feature not only brings pricing into question for guests, it will also navigate them to the hotels reviews and website. Thus emphasizing the importance of customer connections and hospitality for hotels and airlines.  As hotel owners, we have to monitor our social footprint and how we look to guests online. If our social media is not up to date or doesn’t even exist, many users will click away from our business no matter how great we are.

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