Google has released its own hotel search and booking site just in time for spring break. Google Hotels is trying to compete with websites like Airbnb, Expedia and Orbitz. Guests will be able to book last-minute for lodging. According to, Google’s Vice President of Product Management for Travel wrote “One key benefit of using Google’s hotel booking site is the company’s well-known search functionality.” Google’s technology will be able to filter searches for hotel deals based on the guest’s recent searches. There will also be the availability to view a hotel’s highlights, i.e. a pool, or if it is family friendly.

Guests will be able to view reviews and photos all in the same location. This new feature fits in perfectly with Google’s existing travel products. Google has already implemented a platform called Google Flights, which they have been building out for several years. When searching for a destination on Google, flights with “flight insight” will pop up. These insights let customers know whether a price for a flight is higher or lower than normal. Google Flights also lets customers know if the price for a flight will not get any lower or if it is expected to increase soon. When customers use these two features along with Google Maps, they will be able to map out their entire trip from start to finish. Google Maps can also find a convenient location for a guest to stay or find local attractions. If a guest searches a point of interest like “Hotels Near Disney World” then a map will pop up with several different hotel options.

Google is the search engine giant and continues to expand their already robust features. They have AI technology that pairs with search history and cookies that allows Google to deliver each customer their own personalized plans. Google Hotels, Google Flights and Google Maps have become a “triple threat” in the travel space, and other companies need to take notice.

Google is constantly branching out into many different fields and it is interesting to imagine where they might go next. It is something that we will want to keep an eye on as technology grows.

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