The health and wellness industry is growing rapidly, but what do all of these businesses do in between peak workout times? Moving in the opposite direction of many businesses such as Facebook and hotels that are adding workout centers, gyms are beginning to add “flex spaces” to their facilities. This means that they are adding work spaces for members within the building. The idea of the “third place” is being introduced into big box gyms, evolving the gym experience with the ever-changing consumer preferences.

Convenience is Key

Gym time is becoming increasingly important and people are spending more and more time working out than ever before. Many fitness centers are transforming into mini country clubs for families to spend the day at by offering pools, basketball courts, cafes, and fitness classes, and the latest feature being office spaces. Taking a page out of Amazon’s playbook, gyms are realizing that people like the convenience of being able to do everything they want in one, centralized spot.

Revenue Booster

This trend appeals to a variety of people. For example, college students want to get to the gym, but find it difficult to find time when they need to study, or working professionals who may need to do some work but don’t want to leave their family. For the gyms, this is a great way to increase revenue, for more people may join due to the convenience. Additionally, between peak times gyms are renting out spaces for companies to have meetings, further bringing in additional revenue.

The health and wellness industry is evolving to be better than it is today. By making the gym a place that is for more than just working out, it makes getting things done more convenient for the past-paced environment we live in.

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