Hotels Launch Rental Home Brands

Home Rental Market Continues To Grow

Airbnb continues to put pressure on the traditional lodging industry as they depart from their lane of being just a peer-to-peer home sharing network. The company is on an ambitious mission to disrupt travel with their recent platform update to include listings from boutique hotels and bed and breakfast rooms. Watch our breakdown of the additional 2018 announcements for more information regarding their diversified listing strategy: Airbnb Invests in Loyalty & Diversity.

Hotels Diversify To Compete With Airbnb

Hotels take aim at Airbnb’s rental home market share as they start to take consumer demand for the home experience more seriously. Established hotels are now looking to tap into their brand’s reputation and quality to diversify their portfolio with homes, competing directly with Airbnb.

Marriott is the newest brand to join the fight with the introduction of luxury home rentals by Tribute Portfolio Homes. Also among the hotels testing the home market are Hyatt’s Unbound Collection and Accor’s One Fine Stay.

As hotels continue to adapt to the consumer demand of the rental home experience, how might this impact the traditional hotel model? Will the quality control from brand-managed homes be enough to differentiate them from Airbnb’s peer-to-peer sharing model?

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