Mobile Apps Evolve The Hotel Front Desk

Mobile Apps Add Value to Your Hotel

With the primary objective of enhancing the guest experience at your hotel, we believe mobile app technology will help the entire lodging industry. The use of mobile apps for check in will change the front desk experience for arriving guests. MGM and several large hotel brands are investing in apps that are doing more to enhance your guests experience. Apps are informing guests of events around the city, helping book tables at restaurants, and making personalized recommendations. We encourage all hoteliers to think about how these digital experiences can positively affect the quality of your guests stay!


Hotel Apps Enhance Guest Experience

Skip the line, bypass the front desk, and get to your room faster with hotel branded mobile apps. With smartphone integrations acting as your room key, there’s no more losing key cards and having to ask the front desk to activate you another! These apps can provide additional opportunities like concierge services, local travel tips, and preferred dining suggestions, making traveling in a new city more convenient.


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