Coworking spaces have been gaining use among young workers. By 2022, about 5 million people will be a part of the co-working trend. This development needs to be addressed by business owners in different industries, including hotels. The hotel industry could greatly benefit from offering co-working areas. Adding a co-working space would bring in not only business travelers from out of town but also non-traveling guests. These communal spaces would attract younger audiences and also provide a place for the local communities to meet. People are always looking for flexible working spaces.This is a great way to get more people interacting with the hotel. Guests will be spending more time at the hotel which leads to greater revenue.

With the addition of this space, the guest room will no longer be the hotel’s primary product. It is now possible to connect with more travelling guests by catering to their needs. According to Accor CEO, Sébastien Bazin, “Hospitality must evolve towards more flexibility and be able to open the gates to non-travelers for a drink, a yoga course, a fitness room, etc. In other ways, we are targeting non-travelers by bringing hospitality outside the hotel.” Although, hotels are not immune to a setback if they plan an extensive expansion plan. The concept of co-working areas/spaces is booming and needs to be taken seriously. The more amenities a hotel offers, the more money the location can make. It will be interesting to see how hotels use this information to expand in the future.

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