We have seen new innovations in the hotel and lodging industry, from private jets to renting out islands. The newest trend coming to the industry is space hotels. Will this actually happen or will it get lost in the hype?

The Price to Vacation in Space

We’ve all dreamed of being an astronaut, and Orion Span, a space technology company, is working to make those dreams come true with plans of a new luxury hotel in space. The space travel consists of a 12-day trip with two crew members and six people. During the trip, passengers get to see the northern and southern aurora, take part in research such as growing food, experimenting with zero gravity, and utilizing virtual reality. Sounds great, right? The price tag for this vacation is $9.5 million per person, yet the company sold out of its first four months of reservations within 72 hours. This prompts the question, is space living closer than we think?

The Future of Space Travel

While going into space may be too expensive for most people right now, the cost is expected to go down over time, like the computer. There are already other companies, such as SpaceX, working to reduce costs to get the everyday person into space. As the cost goes down, demand for space travel and living will increase. This potential shift in consumer preferences will change how hotels,  Airbnb, and condominiums will conduct business.

We’re not sure if this will happen within our lifetimes, but we should be aware of the potential changes. Will we see more companies joining in on the race to get consumers into space; how soon can we sign up?

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