As an independent gym, you shouldn’t have to worry about membership fees each month. Your customers shouldn’t have to worry about remembering to pay or dealing with late fees because they forgot. An easier payment process would makes things simple  for all parties involved. Setting up a recurring payment feature that automatically charges customers each month is more efficient for your business and more convenient for your customers. The gym experience is about a healthy lifestyle, not payment issues. Let your customers get back to their workout while you reach your sales goals!

Create a More Efficient Process

Since most gyms have a payment plans structured as a monthly commitment, Fortis’ recurring payments feature can make that process easier for you. A recurring payment feature allows you to spend more time on making your gym better and less time dealing with payment processing or late fees. The feature compiles your data into one place, making your auditing process and reporting tactics less stressful. This ensures efficiency by eliminating the need for someone to manually process payments, and reduces the chance of accidental human error.

Increase Customer Retention

The health and fitness industry is booming, leaving your gym with a lot of competition. Don’t make payments the reason people aren’t staying with your facility. A recurring payment feature will increase customer retention and sales. When the payment is automatic, customers are less likely to stop it whether they are utilizing the membership or not.

Easier Processing Leaves Everyone Happy

An easier payment process means less frustration for everyone. Customer satisfaction is important to any business, and that starts with making it convenient for them to pay for their membership. Since time is so valuable, don’t make your customers spend theirs dealing with payments.

With the number of gyms on the market, the need to create a great experience for staff and customers is pivotal to staying alive. If onboarding new clients is already hard, then retaining them is even harder. Creating the best experience possible from start to finish is a great solution to keep customers coming back and to win over new clients. Don’t be left behind, utilize FortisPay recurring payments feature at your gym!


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