As we have seen in the past, technology has changed the sales environment. The next big wave of technology, which will affect traditional business, is closer than we think. Will Virtual Reality change how consumers make buying decisions, and what does it mean for your business?

The Next Big Change in Business

The online customer experience has evolved slowly over recent years. At first, we were able to see pictures of things such as businesses and products. Now, we are able to take a 360° walk through of pretty much anything. The next step is having the ability to put on VR glasses and actually experience products and places prior to buying or visiting. While in VR, the mind believes 99% of what is happening in front of you is actually true. This has the possibility to impact an array of industries. Oculus, owned by Facebook, said that VR is going to change the sports experience by allowing users to sit court side without ever leaving the couch. On top of that, phone companies are already rolling out various products and pushing this technology onto consumers.

Why VR is Important to Your Business

If being able to step into the game from home is already a possibility, what else can we expect VR to assist with? With VR they can put glasses on and experience things like touring a brand-new car at a dealership without ever leaving their home. This may seem like a technology that your small or midsize business doesn’t have to worry about, yet this new technology is going to shift how business is conducted.


Companies are still working out the kinks, such as dizziness, that comes with wearing VR glasses. Once the issues are worked out, the possible outcomes are endless. As a small business, you have to be conscious of how this technology is changing the current sales environment.

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