Keeping RevPAR, or revenue per available room, high is a constant struggle for hotel owners. There are always new ways to increase RevPAR in an attempt to keep hotels full at all times. With the rise of customization, consumers are looking to stay at places that can do more than just offer a gym, pool, or restaurant. A tailored experience may be just what hotels need in order to increase RevPAR.

Smart Searches

A great way to maximize RevPAR is to get more involved with smart searches. If you can begin talking to customers and learning what it is that they want out of their stay, you can begin to create new packages that fit what they are looking for. If they’re celebrating an anniversary, you can offer services like the spa or a dinner reservation. It’s all about learning the customers wants and need in order to create a more personalized experience for them.


Online travel agencies used to dominate the travel industry by undercutting hotels and taking business. Now, those same agencies have to advertise the same price as hotels- making the playing field more level. This helped hotels combat decreasing RevPAR by giving them a chance to actually compete with these online agencies.


Smart searches are going to shift how people pick where they stay when they travel. Hotels that offer more customization are going to be more appealing to those who don’t utilize all the amenities a hotel typically offers. As a result of this, hotels can expect an increase in RevPAR because they can begin to offer higher end services to people based on why they are traveling and what they want to do. This is important to keep an eye on because we live in a world where people customize everything from coffee to clothing, and travel shouldn’t be any different.

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