Apple is teaming up with insurance companies to help eliminate risk to reduce rates. Apple has hired doctors to help figure out how the Apple Watch can manage and monitor health care. Doctors are now getting involved in patients’ lives and helping them manage their health in their daily lives. It is now about lifestyle, and how important lifestyle is. Apple is starting with senior citizens wearing their watch. They are monitoring the person’s steps, heart rate, and how often they are exercising. This makes it easier for insurance companies to decide how a person should be insured. As of today, insurance companies are having customers fill out a questionnaire and have to trust that they are being told the truth. With this trust comes a level of risk, and this risk is what comes with an increased cost on insurance. With the data that Apple is collecting from their watch they can reduce the risk of not knowing and can have rates based on a person’s individual health. This is a dynamic way to see how an insurance company can take data to drive cost down and to manage a patient, or the insured. 


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