While many hotel guests are environmentally friendly during their day to day lives, they have a tendency to over consume during a hotel stay. At home, they might only wash their sheets once a week instead of every day, or ration their shampoo usage instead of asking for 3 extra bottles. A number of hotels have taken the step to give guests the option to not wash their towels and sheets every day of their stay in order to save water, but not many have tackled the plastic waste problem. The small toiletry bottles supplied by hotels are rarely recycled, and with the millions of hotel rooms around the world, there are undeniably millions of small shampoo, conditioner, and lotion bottles sitting in landfills.

Marriott has decided to implement larger, refillable toiletry bottles in hotel room bathrooms in order to fight the plastic waste issue in the hospitality industry. If properly marketed, this strategy adds value for both the customer and the hotel. As the U.S. market is beginning to seek more sustainable options, guests may opt for a green hotel over a competitor. Marriott will save money with the refillable option, but may face some backlash from the public that isn’t interested in more sustainable options.

Much of the backlash will come from consumers who may be worried if the new dispensers will be safe. Marriott is taking steps to assure their guests that the shampoo and conditioner will not be tampered with. These dispensers will likely be attached to a wall, and locked to assure they cannot be opened and manipulated in any way.

We’re interested to see how this new move affects the industry. The public’s reaction will likely be mixed, but this has the potential to be a win-win situation for both the environmentally conscious guest and the Marriott brand.

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