2018 Clover Station

Clover has recently released their newest POS system with aims to make your business more efficient. The Clover Station is a smart POS that can that offers a streamlined platform to manage your payments. Both small and midsize businesses can take advantage of the feature rich system to improve business operations. Let’s take a look at the some of the new features on this year’s Clover Station:

Feature Highlights 

Reporting: Instead of having multiple reports and spreadsheets coming from your different payment systems, the integrated clover system puts all of your data into one place, which makes looking at reports easier than ever.

Easy Mobile Access: Your business may require you to be on the go; take clover with you and never miss a beat. Clover mobile apps can help you monitor your business from anywhere, a helpful service for a company with multiple locations too.

Faster Card Processing: Clover Station allows customers to utilize any payment type they desire such as EMV, magstripe, and contactless payment such as Apple Pay and Google Pay. Accepting EMV chip cards leads to more secure transactions. The system also processes cards faster, making checkout faster for customers.

Fingerprint Login for Employees: Fingerprint login for your employees makes login faster as well as ensures security. This eliminates the need for your employees to remember a login and password and allows you to spend less time setting up an account for your new employees.

App Market: The Clover Station comes with 20 preinstalled apps to power your business, in addition to the hundreds you’ll find in the Clover App Market. as well as an app market to download apps that are right for your business!  Take advantage of your favorite apps for scheduling employees, tracking inventory, and generating reports.

Sleek Design: The design of the Clover Station 2018 comes with a sleek screen that swivels to face your customers, allowing them to sign on the screen and add tip. The station also supports cash drawers and comes with a chip card reader.

Upgraded Hardware and Software: The upgraded hardware and software on the new system ensure your employees can easily use the system and customers can experience a faster checkout.


The new Clover Station will simplify your businesses daily tasks, create a better check out experience for your customers, and put you at the cutting edge of technology. Interested to see how your business could benefit from the 2018 Clover Station?

We can answer any questions you have regarding Clover products!

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