A Complete Processing Suite

Whatever you sell, Fortis can help you process payments quickly and securely. But that’s not all – we work with service-oriented businesses like medical facilities and hotels, too. In short, if there is a transaction that needs to be completed, Fortis is the one-stop solution for every vital link in the chain.
Secure Retail Services

Our systems are EMV Certified, protecting you from fraud. You can accept both pin-based and non-pin based debit cards, reducing cost.

Fast Processing

High speed/DSL terminal decreases processing time to ONE second! Wireless payment processing available for mobile businesses.

Robust E-Commerce

Our service includes shopping cart integration and multiple payment gateways. CVV, AVS, and Secure Storage for repeat customers.

Instant Alerts

If something is not right, we’ll let you know immediately. Email alerts, texts, and even phone calls will help prevent you from any losses, 24/7.

The Fortis Promise

Fast Approval

We’ll get you up and running without delay or a bunch of bureaucratic red tape.

One-On-One Support

You will have a dedicated, knowledgeable, professional representative to address any concerns.

Leading Edge Technology

All of Fortis’s products are up-to-date with the latest standards.

Ready to Get Started?

Experience the Fortis difference! Contact us today for a free evaluation of your business’s processing needs. We’ll give you the perfect package at the lowest price.
Or, call 1.855.465.9999 to speak to a Fortis representative today!