As a business, you care about protecting your physical assets by installing cameras and implementing other security measures. What about your online data? Many small and midsize businesses don’t take the proper measures to secure their personal information, but it should be just as important as securing your physical assets. Chili’s Bar and Grill experienced a breach due to malware. Here’s what we learned from the recent breach:

Malware Awareness

We often hear about companies such as Target who have experienced malware issues. Malware, a software that causes damage to computers, occurs when a company’s network or devices are compromised. While this may seem like an issue that doesn’t concern small and mid-size businesses, everyone is at risk of a breach. As small and midsize businesses, we have to be more aware of the threats that face us everyday.

Monitoring Your Network

You should be actively working to prevent malware from affecting your business. Your company should have IT specialists, either in-house or a hired company, making sure that all your devices are being monitored. Additionally, communicating with your IT specialists is key to making sure that your entire business is protected. Monitoring your network should be just as high of a priority as protecting your physical assets.

Keep your information secure and monitor what’s happening 24/7. Don’t be the next business to fall victim to malware; take the preventative measures to keep your business safe.


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