Due to the fight against users sharing their passwords, Netflix is working on artificial intelligence technology that can detect when one account is being used in different geographical locations. About 26% of millennials share their passwords with others. People use their parents’ accounts for access to different cable company streaming services. These actions are causing losses for the large companies involved..

In the past, people would download free music from places like Napster and Limewire, which was not good for the music industry. Apple did a good job of shifting this. They realized that people didn’t want to buy a whole album, they just wanted one song. Apple makes it very challenging to not have your own username and password. You are unable to share your username and password due to the limit of devices that your Apple music can play on. If you want to be able to limit the time and content that your children can view, you will need to set up separate usernames and passwords for all of them.

Netflix is trying to make their platform more individualized to reduce the sharing of usernames. Artificial intelligence can detect when an account is being used in more than one location. when watching Netflix. This way people from different areas cannot use the same login. The era of sharing Netflix accounts is coming to an end.


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