Online Fraud Hits All-Time High

In 2017 alone, 30% of businesses reported some type of theft, and this number is only supposed to increase in 2018. Worldwide corporate fraud is at an all-time high with data theft officially surpassing asset theft for the first time. With theft on the rise, small and midsize businesses must be conscious of what is happening online with consumer and employer information.

Prevent Theft

5-10 years ago, data security was something only big businesses had to worry about. The rise in theft has left businesses nervous about their data. As a business owner, you can work to prevent theft at your business by getting a PCI Compliance Scan. The scan will help alert you of any potential threats to your system to make sure that your business is correctly accepting credit cards. This may seem is unnecessary for your business, but it even the smallest businesses need to keep their network secure.

Don’t Suffer

Once cardholder data is compromised, your business suffers in many ways. A security breach in not just bad for business, it can tarnish the public opinion of your brand. A PCI Compliance Scan is costly, but is worth it in the long run since it leaves your business secure and shows your customers you care about their private information.

The trend has shifted from a concern over tangible assets to business data. To keep your customers happy you must keep their data safe. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to fraud, if you have any questions about keeping your data secure, please reach out to us today!

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