QuickBooks Desktop has always been the go-to for many businesses, even with the start of QuickBooks Online. This has many people wondering if QuickBooks Desktop is going to be a thing of the past. No need to fear! According to Charlie Russell of AccountExNetwork.com “QuickBooks Desktop is Alive and Well, and it will continue to be supported by Intuit.”

Financial Backing For Keeping QuickBooks Desktop Alive

Over the years, QuickBooks Desktop has generated more revenue than QuickBooks Online. This gap becomes greater when you add in the attachments for both the desktop version and the online version, as seen in the chart from AccountEx below. From this graph it can also be seen that even with the online product available, people are still buying the desktop version. Intuit would be foolish to stop providing such an significant revenue stream.

Intuit’s Focus

Todd Stanley, the new Vice President and Segment Leader for the QuickBooks desktop ecosystem, was appointed to show customers that QuickBooks Desktop is still important and relevant to Intuit. According to Todd, there is now a 10-year plan for the desktop version. Todd had found from talking to companies that use QuickBooks that QuickBooks Desktop has a very loyal customer base, businesses usually have a specific reason to use this platform over online, and customers had significant issues with the product. Intuit will be increasing the staffing levels for the desktop products. There will also be new features coming to the QuickBooks Enterprise. One product that will not be coming back according to Russell is QuickBooks for Mac.

Due to there being more of a potential for new customers on the online side of things, Intuit is going to focus mostly on their future growth with the online market. According to Russell, “All of the neat new “futuristic” kinds of developments, like using machine learning and big data, are all going to be done with the online products.” The desktop version will continue to be supported by the company and is expected to grow over the next few years.


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