As a whole, society is not secure when it comes to usernames, passwords, and other data. Many of us write down personal information, put it in our phones, or enter it into a spreadsheet. These methods make us vulnerable to people stealing our information since we often put the link, username and password all in one place. So how do we keep businesses secure from hackers while sharing this information with employees?

Secure Your Information

Personal information is currency, and we have to utilize tools to keep our data secure. Programs like Zoho and RoboForm help protect your information by allowing access to certain documents and websites without ever having to share passwords. These programs can monitor if someone hacks into your computer and breaks into your firewall, giving you peace of mind knowing that your information is safe. Additionally, you can give your team access to these platforms and never have to share out any of the actual information, which adds another level of security to your business. When someone leaves the company, you know that they are not taking your information with them because they were only given access to the platform, NOT the websites.

Treat yourself like a big business

Many small businesses don’t take the time to secure their information because they think that they will not be targeted. Unfortunately, there are people targeting small businesses that will try to gain your personal information. Treat your company like a big business and begin monitoring your data so that when you are targeted, you have taken measures to keep your information safe.

Change the way you save your passwords and exchange information within your company because big businesses aren’t the only ones being targeted; there is always someone trying to gain access to your information. Don’t wait until it’s too late and begin securing your information.


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