Has your landscaping business struggled with the most efficient way to accept payments after completing a job? Often times, do you finish the job when the homeowner is not home and you have to spend time tracking them down or sending them an invoice? You may be using a handheld system or only accepting cash, but an online payment system makes this process easier for all parties involved.

FortisPay Can Help

Fortispay can make this process stress free and easier on your small business by offering an online platform that your clients can access to pay you for your services. You can email clients their invoice immediately after completing a job, saving your business the time and money of physically printing these documents. Clients can then login to their portal and make payments online without ever having to deal with the stress of meeting in person or sending payments in the mail.

White Glove Service

We understand that you care about giving your customers the best service that you possibly can. At FortisPay we apply those same values to our customer service, we work to make sure that your business is running efficiently. We ensure secure transactions, so that all of your clients can rest assured that their information is safe when they run a transaction. Keeping your customers happy with their experience is key in your business, and we are here to help with that by helping you answer any questions or troubleshoot any potential problems.

Payments shouldn’t be the hardest part of landscaping, Fortispay helps simplify the payment process for your business so you can get back to the important things. Gone are the days you will have to track down customers and mail them receipts and documentation. Make getting paid for your services easier than ever with an online software that does the work for you!