As a nonprofit, you rely heavily on donations from those who support your cause. The donation process is outdated; you’re either waiting for people to send in money, seeking donors yourself, or calling and taking card information over the phone. Streamline your donation process by switching to an online platform that is more secure and gives you the option to utilize recurring donations.

Secure Way to Accept Payments

Taking credit card information over the phone is not a secure way to take donations,  just like sending money in the mail is not reliable. Making the switch to an online donation process is a more secure and convenient way to accept donations. People are more likely to donate again if they feel that their money and information is secure.

Utilize Recurring Donations

Begin offering your donors the ability to set up recurring donations. This feature can increase the donor retention rate as well as the quantity of donations coming in each month. Many people feel like their small donation won’t make a difference, but giving them the option to donate more frequently without ever having to think about it can make your cause seem worth it. Recurring payments also appeals to donors who are passionate about the cause and want to donate more but the current system is inconvenient.

Giving back is important for many people, but they don’t want to spend their time on the phone or at the post office. A more convenient donation process is likely to lead to an increase in donations and support. The future of nonprofit donations is online; don’t let your cause get left behind.

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