Taco Bell is branching out yet again and entering the travel business. As their next marketing ploy, the fast food chain is going to temporarily transform a hotel in Palm Springs, California into “The Bell: A Taco Bell Hotel and Resort.”

The taco theme will be implemented throughout the entire resort. The Bell will include taco-themed rooms, taco-inspired poolside cocktails, taco nail art, and even a taco-focused gift shop. There will also be many new experiences that Taco Bell has yet to announce but will not disappoint.

The scheduled opening date for the new resort is August 9th, 2019. Guests 18 and older will be able to book a reservation starting in June. “The Bell stands to be the biggest expression of the Taco Bell lifestyle to date,” said Taco Bell’s Chief Global Brand Officer Marisa Thalberg. “It will be fun, colorful, flavorful and filled with more than what our fans might expect.”

This is the biggest marketing event Taco Bell has ever tried. Previously, Taco Bell has teamed up with Forever 21 to launch a fashion line and is even involved with the wedding industry now. Taco Bell also offers alcohol at particular U.S. locations in efforts to compete with other restaurant chains.

The resort will only be open for a “limited time,”like many specials that Taco Bell has. This is a very interesting concept and we cannot wait to see how it turns out.

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