The Future of Business Travel

Movies and TV are always trying to predict what the future will look like. We see images of people sitting around a desk as holograms and jets that get you across the world in under a minute. The technology behind VR and faster travel is contributing to the communications race in business. Will it be more convenient for business meetings to be done using VR or will a faster way to travel continue the trend of face-to-face meetings?

VR vs Faster Travel

How business meetings are conducted is constantly evolving. The trend of online meetings using platforms like Skype and Google Hangouts has made it more convenient for businesses to meet without ever having to travel. The element of face-to-face is still important for many business people, but can that be changed by new technology? Faster travel and VR are now in a race to evolve the business meeting.The technology behind Virtual Reality is already here and being marketed to the general public. This poses the possibility to step into a meeting with someone without ever having to leave the office.The idea of a faster travel method appeals to those who still want to have that face-to-face interaction with someone. Companies like SpaceX are working to make traveling anywhere around the world in an hour or less possible.

Who will win out in the race for business communications?

VR Practicality

As of now, Virtual Reality is a more practical communication tool. It is more convenient than having to deal with the everyday hassles of traveling and allows the average business person to do more in a day. While faster travel is enticing, there are multiple issues associated with it and we face the lack of availability to the public. When you travel, you have to deal with parking, going through security, lines, and possible delays. That’s not to mention the fact that faster travel won’t be available to the public for a while. When the innovation comes out, it will start with private planes that most business people won’t have access to. It may be a tool that businesses use in the future, but for now it makes more sense to utilize VR than to travel for meetings.

Time is the most valuable asset we have, and VR can potentially save us the time it takes to travel. This changes the hotel and lodging industry since there will be less business people booking and renting cars for business trips. Virtual Reality is a more convenient way to conduct business meetings while still having that in-person feel.

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