Google just updated its payment application,making it more convenient for users. The first major change was Android Pay and Google Wallet merging to become Google Pay Send, with Google Pay as a separate app. Now, Google Pay Send merged with Google Pay to become one app. The updated Google Pay app is able to store cards, send and receive money, store tickets, and upload loyalty cards.

Evolution of Google Apps

Google is tackling the question of “How Do We Simplify?” Consumers don’t want to have to carry a wallet around, but with so many payment apps and options out there, they are unsure who to trust and what to download. As a payment service, there is a struggle to differentiate from the competition. With Google combining all of their services into one app, it’s more convenient for consumers to handle all their payment methods. Not only does the app mean a better experience, we expect Google to begin utilizing AI to allow voice-activated payments. In an environment where voice is gaining traction, being able to pay people by voice is more convenient for users. Additionally, smart speakers are making voice activation a huge part of everyday life- making voice activated payments even more appealing for consumers.

Payment Apps Matter

Payments have changed so much in the last ten years, and we predict that they will continue to evolve. As a small or midsize business, you have to be aware of how people are utilizing payment apps and paying for goods and services. . Your business must adapt to the changing environment so you don’t get left behind over not accepting the right type of payment.

Take notes from Google, because the payment game is changing. We have to be mindful of the changing environment that we are in so our businesses are adapting and growing. The consolidation of payment apps is the future.


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