The birth of Amazon Alexa has changed consumer habits when it comes to how they travel, interact at home, and communicate with people. The “Voice Economy”, which consists of voice activated devices and services, has grown exponentially in the last five years. For example, Alexa began as a commercial product but has expanded into other industries.

Smart Speakers

Speakers are constantly in demand. Over time, consumers began to value features such as bluetooth and water-resistant when looking to purchase a speaker. Amazon Alexa disrupted the market by bringing voice activation and other skills to the table. This new line of smart speakers have grown in popularity- not only can you listen to music, these devices can answer questions for you, turn lights on and off, order items, and call people. What Amazon and Google have learned is that these products are of tremendous value to people because they make life more convenient.

Changing SEO

With voice-activated search, we no longer have to take the time to type out questions into Google. So, how does this affect SEO optimization? About 20% of searches on Google every day are done using voice activation. As small business owners, we have to be conscious of these changing consumer habits. Where we put our money is important to getting our business out there, so knowing how SEO is adapting to consumer habits is critical to staying alive. As a consumer, engaging with Google is easier than ever, you just have to speak into your phone and get an answer. We believe the trend for SEO is going to shift to phrase based optimization where people can say things such as “best burger around” or “closest gas station.” Search will begin to depend on reviews, so when you ask Google to find the “best burger place,” it will scan through reviews to find a place with the most positive reviews.

Search is adapting with changing consumer preferences. Using voice-to-text or voice optimization is much easier than having to type everything out. If you can just say what you need, is there even a reason to type?

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