• I love to golf. I am definitely not Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer, but I like to imagine myself at that level! In addition to golf, I grew up playing soccer and now I have the pleasure of coaching my kids!
  • I have a beautiful wife and three awesome children. We live in Metro Detroit and we love to travel to places warmer than Michigan!
  • As a true Michigander, I always lived on or near a lake. I have a ton of great stories to tell from over the years!
  • Although I love to travel, catch a Lions or Red Wings came, and go out and do things with my family, I identify as a home body. Have a favorite TV show? I bet I’ve seen it!
  • I am a huge fan of listening to podcasts. Sometimes my life feels so hectic that it’s nice to listen to motivational or business-related topics that I enjoy while in the car or on a plane.
  • In college, my parents owned a hotel near the Detroit Metropolitan Airport, and I am a certified hotel administrator (CHA). I was able to work alongside my siblings and cousins, which was a blast in itself!
  • My family roots are deeply entrepreneurial, including doctors, lawyers, hoteliers and retailers. In addition to being a co-founder of FortisPay, I also own an Airtime Trampoline & Game Park location in Metro Detroit.
  • I am the third of five children and I have the pleasure of working with two of them! My older brother, Jimmy, is our CEO and my younger sister, Amanda, is our Director of HR.
  • I am a proud Wayne State University Warrior, holding both Bachelor’s and Master’s of Business Administration degrees.

You may have seen me talk about Google Pay, Amazon Alexa, or maybe even fraud, but I can assure you I’ve never told you more about me personally!

Here’s some quick facts about me!