Uber has announced the new enhanced features for their Uber Black and Uber Black SUV experiences. They are now offering more ways for riders to personalize their experiences. The new experiences include a “quiet mode” which will allow riders to request to ride in a quiet environment. They can also let the driver know if they are in the mood to chat. They are also offering “consistent vehicle quality”. This means that the rider can expect the same vehicle model, make, interior, and exterior for every ride. This also includes professionalism, which guarantees the rider will have a professional, commercially-licensed driver. The other experiences include help with luggage, temperature control, extended pickup periods and premium support. Most of these features have become available to riders as of May 15, 2019.

It is exciting to see Uber enhancing their brand. They need to continue to make changes in order to stay current in today’s world. I am excited to see how consumers react to these enhancements.

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