Consumer preferences towards self service checkout has led to a rise in unattended retail shopping, with Amazon Go leading the way. Traditional retail is evolving to mimic consumer preferences towards in-store shopping. Kiosks are leading the stride towards unattended retail, with it starting as a huge trend in Asia and moving into the U.S.. The kiosk industry has been growing exponentially over the last few years and is expected to be a $1.073 billion industry within the next 10 years.


ShelfX, a new kiosk company, is beginning to place large coolers at hospitals and festivals to give people 24 hour service without having to deal with standing in a line to pay. The ShelfX coolers work just like Amazon Go, where you enter in payment before and as you grab items from the shelf  it tracks what you grab. The coolers are larger and smarter than your typical vending machine and give consumers the frictionless experience they want.


This technology saves time for both the business and the consumer in a traditional retail store. Businesses no longer have to worry about deploying people to stand at the register and ring up items, they can begin doing other tasks that are more valuable. As a business owner, this technology can aid in enhancing the in-store experience, by making employees more available to answer questions and help find items. It is important to understand how your customers are changing so you can adapt to their changing preferences.


Unattended retail is the next evolution of brick and mortar stores. Businesses will be able to run more efficiently and customers can expect a better in-store experience. By 2021, self service shopping is expected to rise to 7% with use of interactive kiosks. For your small business, you should be aware of how technology can help reduce bottleneck in your operations.

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