Is Your Clinic Still Using a Credit Card Terminal?

The credit card terminal is outdated and costly. As a veterinary clinic, you have a lot going on during the day and dealing with payment processing shouldn’t add to your plate. There is an easier way to handle payments at your clinic by utilizing an online payment platform that benefits both your staff and patients .  As a clinic, you should be constantly aware of features that boost customer satisfaction. Online payments allow your business to email receipts, accept various forms of payments, put a client’s payment on file for faster checkout, and give your customers an easier way to track their payments.

Secure Storage

The traditional credit card terminal is not as secure as an online payment portal. Tokenized Card Storage allows your business to have total control over an enhanced payment experience while keeping client information safe. “Tokenized” is a fancy way of saying card or account numbers are never transmitted; Instead they’re assigned randomized numbers and characters that hackers cannot replicate or track.This gives your customers peace of mind knowing that they can pay online and not have to worry about fraud.

Recurring Payments

The “Set it and Forget it” feature of online payments increases accuracy by accepting exact amounts each pay period from your patients. Set the recurring feature up once and then never have to deal with it again. Recurring payments also reduces human error; when manually billing patients, there is always the possibility of someone billing the wrong amount or forgetting about the transaction all together.

Show that your clinic cares about their clients by creating a simple way for customers to pay their bills. Patients will enjoy this feature since they no longer have to worry about missing payments, leaving them happier with the service they are receiving. Just think: This  increases customer retention!

Online payment systems  are cost-effective and rarely erroneous. Simplify every aspect of the customer payment experience by eliminating your traditional credit card terminal!

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