Mobile payments are an up-and-coming trend for retailers, but why are some mobile apps more successful than others when it comes to customer adoption? Starbucks is a great example of a company that has succeeded in mobile payment adoption, while other payment apps like Apple Pay and Google Pay have fallen short.

Why Starbucks Works

Starbucks has built loyalty around paying with their app. Customers who utilize the app can expect a faster checkout and benefits such as the rewards system. Starbucks recognizes that time is the most valuable thing to people, and the company cares about getting through the line as fast as possible. Pulling up the app and scanning to pay for coffee creates a faster and more convenient checkout for customers.

Why Other Apps Don’t Work

The key question for other payment apps is, how do we get people to utilize our app the way  Starbucks has? The efficiency of using the app has to exist or no one will use it. You can walk into any Starbucks location and know that they will accept the mobile payment, but if a customer walks into a store and tries to use their mobile payment and the store doesn’t accept it, the customer is less likely to use it again. This is a huge setback for other payment apps because they cannot control who accepts their form of payment. Customers lack the confidence of just bringing in their mobile device because there is a fear of a business not accepting that form of payment.

Widespread Adoption

As a small to midsize business owner, you can help change the habits of your consumers. Identify your repeat customers, then let them know that there is an easier and better way to checkout when they come in. The goal is to put confidence back in the customer by letting them know that the mobile payment services will be available every time that they come in. This benefits your business by creating a better checkout experience for customers.


Make the check out process more convenient for both you and your customers. Mobile payments speed up transactions and create a better experience for all involved. Want to learn more about how FortisPay can help speed up your checkout process?

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